Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wild Wild Western Australia

Well, I've come to find out that Western Australia is the largest state and that it takes up about 1/3 of the whole country.

The capital city, Perth, is the most isolated city of over one million people in the world, being 1307 miles from Adelaide. Perth is closer to Jakarta, Indonesia (1,868 miles) than it is to Sydney(2,041 miles).

So, I flew into Perth and then Hired a car at the airport to drive down to Fremantle where I'd be staying. (I forgot to get a picture of the car so I found this shot online) :D

This is really me though. I propped open the door and set the camera's timer to take this shot. I had to take two photos and stitch them together.

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Jennifer said...

Okay, how was it driving on the right side AND was the weather wacky? being so close to Indonesia? Aren't they having earthquakes right now??!