Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Journey

I showed in the last post how grateful I was at my living accommodations, but I didn't talk about what it took to get there. There is a protocol to driving. GO! GO FAST! HONK! :D I'm just glad to see that the traffic officer had the sense to get out of the traffic and into a tower.

These are a very common taxi. Actually, it would appear that almost any car can, and is a taxi.

There's a railroad crossing right outside the University gates.


Sally Mohawk said...

Yea! I get to choose what "other" I am. Maybe I'll fool you and use a fake name. The policemen had a similar set up in Ecuador. There uniforms looked like the hat the grandpa in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang wore and their shoes looked like Ronald McDonald's. Hopefully you won't need their assistance while you're there to find out if they're proficient at their jobs or just well dressed.

Nancy said...

Who is Sally Mohawk?