Friday, September 14, 2007

Sure, I'll have a Pint!

....of LEMONADE! I was walking around Windsor castles and stopped for a bite to eat (I know I've got the receipt for that somewhere...). I decided that a place called "King and Castle" sounded just right for a bite to eat, but sensed that there was something a bit different about this place. They didn't have any waitresses, the wall was filled with different colored bottles all behind this big bar.... BAR! Heh!

I had wandered off the street into a pub. I ordered my Traditional Fish and Chips and then they asked what I was going to drink. I said that I would just have a Lemonade and the gal asked me if I wanted a PINT! When those Brits in the movies start talking about drinking they always say that they are going to have a Pint. I was a bit worried that they were going to serve me some of that Alcoholic lemonade or something. It was some really good lemonade. I'm pretty sure it wasn't spiked. :D

So I'm noticing that I want to talk in a British accent a little bit, but every other person that I run into is from someplace outside of England. interesting.

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