Monday, September 24, 2007

Goodbye Chennai

I had a very strong WiFi signal in the airport. I got online and saw that Stephen Hird was signed on already. I got his user name and used vSee to videocall with him. It was pretty cool to be sitting in the airport in India and to be watching a video call with a co-worker in Phoenix Arizona. Pretty cool stuff.

So here's a parting shot of India.


Janell said...

Well, hello my long-lost friend!!!! It is fun to read all about your adventures. You're as amazing as you ever were ... it runs in your genes! :)

Jennifer said...

Hey Spence! Can't wait to get all your good ideas for my trip... I have a long list!

spencer said...

Thanks Janell! It's been fun to be out and about. I didn't ever plan on being a world traveler but it's been pretty fun.

Kevina said...

Interesting to know.