Thursday, October 4, 2007

Trip Re-cap

I think that the map just about says it all.

Phoenix to London = 10 hrs________Destination
London to Chennai = 11 hrs________7.5 hour layover
Chennai to Coimbatore = 1 hr_______Destination
Coimbatore to Chennai = 1 hr_______9 hr layover
Chennai to Kuala Lumpur = 3.5 hrs___3.5 hr layover
Kuala Lumpur to Perth = 6 hrs______Destination
Perth to Singapore = 6 hrs_________3 hr layover
Singapore to London = 5.3 hrs______7 hr layover
London to Phoenix = 10 hrs________DESTINATION

I was able to snap some photos of Greenland on the way home.


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! Those aerial shots are amazing! I was thinking I wanted to put a map up like that. How'd you do that? WIll you make me one? Phx to LA to Taipei Taiwan to Bangkok Thailand to Chaing Mai Thailand.

spencer said...

I just used google maps and photoshop.