Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Put a bounce in your step

Helen and I drove up to Perth (approx. 15 min.) and picked up Louise Heppell for dinner. Helen left India a day earlier than I did so that she could go to a Cisco mini-conference in Brisbane with Lou. Then, they both came out to be here in Perth for another mini-conference as well as the video interviews that Helen and I were working on.

So, this is what puts the bounce in your step. A heaping helping of KANGAROO. I mentioned to one of the guys we've been working with that I ate kangaroo for dinner and this was his reaction. "Oh great. You've eaten our national symbol. Next time I head to the states, I'll be sure and eat a bald eagle, and all it's eggs." :D

I'm pretty sure he was teasing.

Lou just kept laughing at me! She thought that it was wonderful the way that I was embracing the culture and wearing my Akubra and my Australia jacket.

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