Thursday, October 4, 2007


I think that I ended up walking away from Piccadilly Circus and found this little place to eat breakfast. I thought, "That was a nice little place. I'll have to take a photo when I leave." Well I forgot to take the picture, but I was in no rush so I walked back and took it!

LOOK OUT!!! There's an Australian impostor on the street!

On a side note. When I was leaving Australia they said that my carry-on bag was too heavy. I ended up taking my laptop out of the backpack, and the redistributing the backpack contents into my other bag so that I could stuff it into my checked luggage. I traveled all the way home with the camera case dragging behind me and the laptop under my arm.

I laughed at this sign, took a picture of it and then walked right past it. I saw a little open air marked that was just setting up off to the left and thought I would go through this little gate, into the alley and have a look. Then I thought of the sign! I backed up and kept on walking.

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