Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I won the Bandit and thought I would make an new website to promote it. Then I've been "trying" to keep up this blog. THEN I realized that my portfolio site was out of date and needed some love.... BLAH! I've combined them all together.

Studios B3 is the spot. You can see photos from my trips, conventions, art work and sketches, as well as Photos of the BANDIT! I've got new video projects and contests to tell you all about so go check it out.

The site still has some bugs, but it's working well enough.

Studios B3


Alldredge Family said...

Like your new blog!

spencer said...

Thanks, be sure to look over at Studios B3 for updates, I won't be using this Blogger anymore.

Anonymous said...

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MATT said...

You won THE BANDIT!!??! I love that car, NO JOKE!!! I love that movie. Burt Reynolds is one of my favorite film stars! Too cool, man! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

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